Anniin, Bienvenue, Welcome

Welcome to my election campaign website. My name is Peter Raymond, (currently Councillor for Harvey Ward). I am seeking your support and vote to elect me to be your representative on council as MAYOR in the up-coming October 22nd Municipal Elections.

In 2014 I was acclaimed and very much appreciate the opportunity to serve on your behalf. I trust that I met your expectations. It would be an honour to serve another term on council with your support.

In reviewing my options I had a choice to stay as a councillor, to Step Down or Step Up to take on a more active and responsible role. I have really enjoyed my role as councillor since Day one, and did not aspire to be Mayor, however circumstances have allowed me to reconsider that position.

I have received unbelievable support from many of you across the Municipality to Step Up and I very much appreciated your confidence in me. I have taken time to think this through and I am confirming my intention to Step Up for the position of Mayor and I will continue to do my best on your behalf for our Municipality.

My family and I have been living in this area for over 27 years now. We bought property in Oak Shores area in 1981 as cottagers, then became permanent residents in 1990. I am committed to our community long term and feel that I can make a valuable contribution to the Township. I am asking for your support to elect me to the position of MAYOR. I will be a strong advocate on your behalf and work hard to ensure that ALL areas of this Municipality get a fair and equitable deal.

Our Township has many challenges but there are also many opportunities that we need to explore and pursue for a better tomorrow. I have both the passion, drive and determination and will work diligently on your behalf with your support.

Thank you for your consideration on Election Day and your trust and confidence to vote for me.


Community Transportation Opportunity

Selwyn Township in partnership with Curve Lake First Nation, City of Peterborough and Community Care applied for a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in February 2018 and in May 2018 the 5 year $1.488,000 grant was approved.

This is a significant opportunity that I would advocate for TRENT LAKES to becoming an active partner, it has the potential of being a game changer for our community.

Selwyn grant application report

Selwyn June recommendation report

Peterborough Examiner article

I facilitated a Transportation Working Group(TWG) for MP Maryam Monsef Peterborough-Kawartha riding, MAY-JUNE 1st, 2018 we held three meetings below is final status report that was forwarded to MP Maryam Monsef. Both Selwyn Township, Curve Lake First Nation, Peterborough County & City of Peterborough participated.
TWG June 1st status report


Ontario Provincial Policy Statement 2014

North Pigeon Lake Association asked the following question to all candidates:

With respect to Mineral Aggregate Resources; Section of the Ontario Provincial Policy Statement 2014, states the following:

Extraction shall be undertaken in a manner which minimizes social, economic and environmental impacts.”

What will you commit to uphold with respect to minimizing, social, economic and environmental impacts ?

My response:

We have an excellent opportunity to address in the Official Planning(OP) process with Peterborough County & associated public consultation. Our Mines & Aggregate Advisory Committee early on received some useful input from our Municipal Planner which we want to incorporate. So I would encourage all to participate. It will be critical as now that the OMB is replaced by Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) you cannot appeal an approved OP for 2 years. There is also the  opportunity to liaise with City of Kawartha Lakes (10th Aggregate producer in Ontario) as we impact each other. We are not an Island unto ourselves. I most certainly will commit to uphold.

Campaign Trail 2018

I will be available to chat & meet with voters at the following locations during AUGUST:

8th,  between 5pm-7pm at Lock Stop Café, 1919 Lakehurst road, Buckhorn
11th, between 2-4pm at Kinmount Heritage Model Railroad & Museum / Austin Sawmill Heritage Park at the Gazebo
26th , between 10am-noon at Kawartha Country Wines2452 County Road 36, Buckhorn

I will be available to chat & meet with voters at the following locations during SEPTEMBER:

19th,  between 5pm-7pm at Lock Stop Café, 1919 Lakehurst road, Buckhorn
22nd, between 2-4pm at Kinmount Heritage Model Railroad & Museum / Austin Sawmill Heritage Park at the Gazebo
23rd , between 10am-noon at Kawartha Country Wines2452 County Road 36, Buckhorn

The ongoing schedule of places & events around our community that I will be either volunteering or attending and available to meet and chat:


Saturday, July 21 at 10am-noon at the North Pigeon Lake Association  AGM/meeting Bobcaygeon

Sunday September 9 at 10 am-noon at the Galway Hall hosted by the Crystal Lake Community Association and Galway Area Ratepayers Association

Thursday September 13 at 7pm-9pm at the Buckhorn Community Centre hosted by the Buckhorn Ratepayers Association

Saturday September 15 at 10am-noon at the Cavendish Community Centre hosted by Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc.

Waste Management Overview

Trent Lakes operates the Transfer Stations that are compliant with the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change rules & regulations. Trent Lakes bylaws & Waste Management Plan are consistent and aligned with the Peterborough County Waste Bylaw & Waste Management Master Plan.

Also note that all garbage & recycled material gets trucked from Trent Lakes Transfer Stations to the Peterborough County/City Waste Management Facility Bensford Road Landfill in Peterborough.

Recent 2017 Waste Management report – Big Thank U to everyone for diverting over 60% garbage.

Should you see garbage along Peterborough County roads. ( 36, 37, 49, 507 )
Contact the County – 705-742-6823 or

Should you see garbage on Trent Lakes roads
Contact the Township – 705-738-3800 x 221

Trent Lakes has a Waste Management Advisory committee which is made up of Trent Lakes staff, Peterborough County, Council & members of the Public. This committee provides recommendations to council.

Peterborough County holds Environmental Days through out the County during the Summer Season, check the WASTE PORTAL for EVENTS.


Trent Lakes – Waste Recycling & Waste Disposal Fees

Trent Lakes – Cottage Kits

Trent Lakes Waste Management Plan (large document)

Trent Lakes Waste Management Plan (Executive Summary)

Peterborough County – Recycling & Garbage (Waste Portal )

Peterborough County Waste Management Master Plan (large document)

Peterborough County Waste Management Master Plan (Executive Summary)