Anniin, Bienvenue, Welcome

Welcome to my election campaign website. My name is Peter Raymond, (currently Councillor for Harvey Ward). I am seeking your support and vote to elect me to be your representative on council as MAYOR in the up-coming October 22nd Municipal Elections.

In 2014 I was acclaimed and very much appreciate the opportunity to serve on your behalf. I trust that I met your expectations. It would be an honour to serve another term on council with your support.

In reviewing my options I had a choice to stay as a councillor, to Step Down or Step Up to take on a more active and responsible role. I have really enjoyed my role as councillor since Day one, and did not aspire to be Mayor, however circumstances have allowed me to reconsider that position.

I have received unbelievable support from many of you across the Municipality to Step Up and I very much appreciated your confidence in me. I have taken time to think this through and I am confirming my intention to Step Up for the position of Mayor and I will continue to do my best on your behalf for our Municipality.

My family and I have been living in this area for over 27 years now. We bought property in Oak Shores area in 1981 as cottagers, then became permanent residents in 1990. I am committed to our community long term and feel that I can make a valuable contribution to the Township. I am asking for your support to elect me to the position of MAYOR. I will be a strong advocate on your behalf and work hard to ensure that ALL areas of this Municipality get a fair and equitable deal.

Our Township has many challenges but there are also many opportunities that we need to explore and pursue for a better tomorrow. I have both the passion, drive and determination and will work diligently on your behalf with your support.

Thank you for your consideration on Election Day and your trust and confidence to vote for me.