Ontario Provincial Policy Statement 2014

North Pigeon Lake Association asked the following question to all candidates:

With respect to Mineral Aggregate Resources; Section of the Ontario Provincial Policy Statement 2014, states the following:

Extraction shall be undertaken in a manner which minimizes social, economic and environmental impacts.”

What will you commit to uphold with respect to minimizing, social, economic and environmental impacts ?

My response:

We have an excellent opportunity to address in the Official Planning(OP) process with Peterborough County & associated public consultation. Our Mines & Aggregate Advisory Committee early on received some useful input from our Municipal Planner which we want to incorporate. So I would encourage all to participate. It will be critical as now that the OMB is replaced by Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) you cannot appeal an approved OP for 2 years. There is also the  opportunity to liaise with City of Kawartha Lakes (10th Aggregate producer in Ontario) as we impact each other. We are not an Island unto ourselves. I most certainly will commit to uphold.