Aggregate Royalities

Prior to 2018 under the former Aggregate Resources Act (ARA)
Trent Lakes royalties from aggregate was:
6 cents/per Tonne – Private Land Quarries ONLY

As of JAN 1st, 2018 (Year 1) under the NEW amended ARA O.Reg 244/97
Trent Lakes royalties from aggregate are:
12 cents/per Tonne – for Private Land & Crown Land Quarries

JAN 1st, 2019 (Year 2) Further increases anticipated

As of JAN 1st 2020 (Year 3) fees & royalties will be indexed as follows:
• Indexing will be to the Ontario Consumer Price Index (all items, averaged over a 12-month period ending September 30 of the previous calendar year)
• The indexed amount will be rounded to one tenth of a cent
• Rates would not be indexed downward.

The Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (OSSGA) acknowledge and have been willing to pay more in aggregate levy. (see attached PDF document)

Regulation 244/97 (ARA) regarding Aggregate Fees & Royalties

Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry

ROMA(AMO) Delegation FEB 2017

ROMA(AMO) Delegation JAN 2018

The Aggregate Resources Corporation (TOARC)

OSSGA indicate following information:
For 1 km of a four lane highway it takes 1,760 truckloads of Aggregate

For a 32,000 metres square hospital it takes 3,760 truckloads of Aggregate

For 1km of subway line it takes 4,560 truckloads of Aggregate

Every Ontarian uses 14,000 TONNES of Stone, Sand & Gravel each year

In the Municipality of Trent Lakes, we have a total of 36 active quarries with at least two (2) quarry applications pending for private land and an unknown number of applications pending for Crown land. Half of the existing quarries are located on private lands and the other half are located on crown lands.

Trent lakes is comprised of 820 square kilometres with a large portion of the centre of our municipality being Crown land and a portion of this being Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Provincial Park. Geographically we are located in the north-west corner of Peterborough County and are immediately adjacent to both the County of Haliburton and the City of Kawartha Lakes. The City of Kawartha Lakes is a member of the Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario, (TAPMO).

In Trent Lakes the average cost to reconstruct one (1) kilometer of road complete with an asphalt surface is approximately $135,000. This does not include any bridge or culvert repairs which increases the overall cost astronomically.

Trucks from quarries in Trent Lakes either go east through Buckhorn into Selwyn and connect to the 115 highway on route to the GTA, else they go West through Bobcaygeon along Highway# 36 to provincial highway #7 or #35 on route to the GTA. The volume of trucks vary in frequency season to season.

Over the years many councils have attended the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and made delegations with the Minister(s) of Natural Resources & Forestry and lobbied for increases in Aggregate royalties without success. Trent Lakes has been advocating for 50cents per Tonne minimum. Change came with the updated Aggregate Resources Act, on attendance to AMO in 2017 council was advised of pending increases coming effective January 1st,2018.

Our New Council will continue to lobby to ensure increases come as projected. Holding joint meetings with City of Kawartha Lakes & Selwyn Township will also be beneficial and as appropriate lobbying together as one voice with the Ministry.