Short Term Rentals !

Tourism is the mainstay of Trent Lakes and short term rentals do provide a significant economic benefit to our local economy, in particular in the summer season. There is a need to maintain the positive economic benefits that short term rentals bring to Trent Lakes, along with balanced oversight for the problematic situations involving disrespectful, disruptive landlords and renters.

I am not against property owners renting their cottage, provided they do it in a responsible manner and they educate their renters to be respectful of the neighbours and the community and abide by the bylaws eg: noise, garbage/recycling, foul language, dogs poop/scoop etc.

Most, but not all property owners and their renters are respectful and responsible, and it is those others that cause much aggravation and  concern which unfortunately appears to be a growing trend. Owners are essentially renting their homes out as a ‘business’ to make a profit and don’t use it as their own recreational property. Short term rentals being rentals under 30days.

FOCA guidelines

AIRB&B Community Standards – work in progress

Home Sharing Guide for Ontario Municipalities

In researching this phenomenon, many places across Ontario and throughout Canada are experiencing this issue at various levels in both Urban & Rural settings. Situations across City of Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton & other parts of Peterborough County have been in the media. There is a need to be Proactive !

STEP ONE: I would like to solicit public input, in partnership with our cottage associations, OPP and other groups so that bylaws and associated enforcement are balanced and reflective of the desires of our ratepayers and in the best interests of Trent Lakes.

It is an item that MUST be addressed by our NEW Council. Some actions that I would foresee are as follows: ( In no particular order )

Regulatory Review –added bylaws, strengthen existing eg: Noise, Property Standards (together with increased fines ) Limiting the number of occupants/licensing and licensing suspension. Septic inspection, property inspections, For repeat offenders shutdown, take to court as necessary

Education & Outreach with Local Associations, FOCA, OPP, Public Health,

Ongoing Monitoring other jurisdictions across Ontario & Industry developments eg: AirBnB, Homeaway Cottages & others

Track outcome of our regulatory changes and adjust as necessary to improve for effectiveness