Official Plan – A Blueprint for the Future

Trent Lakes has engaged Peterborough County in the development of a new Official Plan. Public consultation & input will be key as it will be our opportunity to chart a blueprint for the future of Trent Lakes.

An Official Plan is a key document for long term growth for the Municipality. It shows where you can build homes & other structures, but it also identifies areas to preserve such as agricultural lands, and protect our lakes & rivers whilst supporting economic development and growth in a balanced and holistic manner.

The preliminary kickoff sessions were held July 2017. However, due to other legislation from the former provincial government, work has been delayed. in the background technical working meetings are in progress and it is anticipated that public consultation process will take place in the Spring 2019.

The Public are strongly encouraged to participate in the consultation process as it is of paramount importance. With the new Local Planning  Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) formerly known has Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), once an Official Plan is approved there is no appeal process for 2(two) years. So it is critical that we get it right with everyone’s constructive input.

Peterborough County Official Plan project

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