NPLA Endorsement

Today, I was very pleased and honoured to receive endorsement along with other candidates from the North Pigeon Lake Association (NPLA).

We endorse Peter Raymond for Mayor. He is a first-time Councillor from Harvey Ward. His leadership style is his distinguishing feature. It involves careful listening and a thoughtful, forward-looking, quiet-spoken and collegial approach that will best serve our community’s interests as TEAM leader going forward. He listens to his constituents, and fellow Councillors, asks difficult questions and is not afraid to re-think and admit missteps that arise as we enter a complex and rapidly changing environment for municipalities. Mr. Raymond researches each issue that comes to Council and has gained confidence in his first term in office and freely passes on that experience to the community and other Councillors. He has already demonstrated his commitment to the environment; high on the priority list of the NPLA. He has advanced a number of creative initiatives to improve consultation with the differing communities that make up Trent Lakes, also a very high priority for the NPLA.

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NPLA full endorsement report