Cannabis !

Something that was not on any candidates platform, however I have spoken of Provincial & Federal legislation that will bring both Opportunities & Challenges for all of us, this being a prime example.

With the Federal Cannabis Act & Ontario Provincial Bill 36 Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act 2018, Legalization of Recreational Cannabis will be available Online as of OCTOBER 17th, 2018 and Retail Stores as of APRIL 1st, 2019.

I put forward a motion with full support of council for staff to prepare a report for the NEW incoming council (2018-2022), as they will need to make important decisions within a very short time period.

Cannabis discussed at Trent Lakes


NPLA Endorsement

Today, I was very pleased and honoured to receive endorsement along with other candidates from the North Pigeon Lake Association (NPLA).

We endorse Peter Raymond for Mayor. He is a first-time Councillor from Harvey Ward. His leadership style is his distinguishing feature. It involves careful listening and a thoughtful, forward-looking, quiet-spoken and collegial approach that will best serve our community’s interests as TEAM leader going forward. He listens to his constituents, and fellow Councillors, asks difficult questions and is not afraid to re-think and admit missteps that arise as we enter a complex and rapidly changing environment for municipalities. Mr. Raymond researches each issue that comes to Council and has gained confidence in his first term in office and freely passes on that experience to the community and other Councillors. He has already demonstrated his commitment to the environment; high on the priority list of the NPLA. He has advanced a number of creative initiatives to improve consultation with the differing communities that make up Trent Lakes, also a very high priority for the NPLA.

NPLA website

NPLA full endorsement report


Economic Development

Market & Promote our Municipality as a Safe, Caring & Vibrant Community to Live, Work & Play in the heart of the beautiful Kawarthas. Living the Dream !

The natural environment is a key motivator and attraction that drives visitors, cottagers to our region. We continue to promote, market and support our local Tourism economy with our partners, BDTA, Kawartha Chamber, Peterborough-Kawartha Tourism, Parks Canada, Ontario Parks, MNR&F, Trent Severn Waterway, Kawartha Land Trust and other agencies.

Promote as year round sustainable tourism destination, support and encourage shoulder season groups/activities.

Continuation of our very active Trent Lakes Economic Development Committee.

Continued progress with our Community Improvement Plan initiative, but also explore expansion opportunities across Trent Lakes that brings together communities in an overall harmonizing and unifying theme of one Trent Lakes.

Partner with Selwyn Township & Curve Lake First Nation with Bus Service initiative. This could be a major Game Changer !

Embrace & Support principles:
Building a Community Outside the Ordinary
( Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce )

We have some local developments at various stages and there are some significant external developments – 407 Extension (late 2019), potential Peterborough Passenger Train service along with Provincial & Federal legislation that will bring both Opportunities & Challenges for all of us.
407 Extension

Passenger Train
Global News
Peterborough Examiner

CANNABIS LEGISLATION – Federal & Provincial
Cannabis Act
Bill 36

We continue to promote and encourage small to medium sized business ventures entrepreneurs both existing & new to consider Trent Lakes to either expand or setup shop, through Council & Economic Development committee working with Buckhorn District Tourist Association, Kawartha Chamber, Peterborough-Kawartha Economic Development, Community Futures and other agencies.

Be open to Pilot innovation / creative solutions through collaborative partnerships.
Encourage & invite community minded & environmentally friendly developers.

Ongoing improvements for planning applications & permit processes



Official Plan

Short Term Rentals


Official Plan – A Blueprint for the Future

Trent Lakes has engaged Peterborough County in the development of a new Official Plan. Public consultation & input will be key as it will be our opportunity to chart a blueprint for the future of Trent Lakes.

An Official Plan is a key document for long term growth for the Municipality. It shows where you can build homes & other structures, but it also identifies areas to preserve such as agricultural lands, and protect our lakes & rivers whilst supporting economic development and growth in a balanced and holistic manner.

The preliminary kickoff sessions were held July 2017. However, due to other legislation from the former provincial government, work has been delayed. in the background technical working meetings are in progress and it is anticipated that public consultation process will take place in the Spring 2019.

The Public are strongly encouraged to participate in the consultation process as it is of paramount importance. With the new Local Planning  Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) formerly known has Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), once an Official Plan is approved there is no appeal process for 2(two) years. So it is critical that we get it right with everyone’s constructive input.

Peterborough County Official Plan project

To get Involved:
County of Peterborough Planning Department,
470 Water Street, Peterborough, ON, K9H 3M3
Fax: 705-876-1730

Receive Email Updates

Peterborough Examiner article

Local Planning Appeal Tribunal
About LPAT
LPAT Process
LPAT Legislation & Rules

Related items:
Land Use Planning

Provincial Policy Statement

Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe



Short Term Rentals !

Tourism is the mainstay of Trent Lakes and short term rentals do provide a significant economic benefit to our local economy, in particular in the summer season. There is a need to maintain the positive economic benefits that short term rentals bring to Trent Lakes, along with balanced oversight for the problematic situations involving disrespectful, disruptive landlords and renters.

I am not against property owners renting their cottage, provided they do it in a responsible manner and they educate their renters to be respectful of the neighbours and the community and abide by the bylaws eg: noise, garbage/recycling, foul language, dogs poop/scoop etc.

Most, but not all property owners and their renters are respectful and responsible, and it is those others that cause much aggravation and  concern which unfortunately appears to be a growing trend. Owners are essentially renting their homes out as a ‘business’ to make a profit and don’t use it as their own recreational property. Short term rentals being rentals under 30days.

FOCA guidelines

AIRB&B Community Standards – work in progress

Home Sharing Guide for Ontario Municipalities

In researching this phenomenon, many places across Ontario and throughout Canada are experiencing this issue at various levels in both Urban & Rural settings. Situations across City of Kawartha Lakes, Haliburton & other parts of Peterborough County have been in the media. There is a need to be Proactive !

STEP ONE: I would like to solicit public input, in partnership with our cottage associations, OPP and other groups so that bylaws and associated enforcement are balanced and reflective of the desires of our ratepayers and in the best interests of Trent Lakes.

It is an item that MUST be addressed by our NEW Council. Some actions that I would foresee are as follows: ( In no particular order )

Regulatory Review –added bylaws, strengthen existing eg: Noise, Property Standards (together with increased fines ) Limiting the number of occupants/licensing and licensing suspension. Septic inspection, property inspections, For repeat offenders shutdown, take to court as necessary

Education & Outreach with Local Associations, FOCA, OPP, Public Health,

Ongoing Monitoring other jurisdictions across Ontario & Industry developments eg: AirBnB, Homeaway Cottages & others

Track outcome of our regulatory changes and adjust as necessary to improve for effectiveness

Coalition for Equitable Water Flow

Responses from Municipal Election Candidates – Haliburton, North Kawartha, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen and Trent Lakes

Trent Lakes candidate responses

Background information who is Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF)

I was the advocate for the CEWF initiative to create the Upper Trent Water Management Partnership in 2015 and have been the Trent Lakes representative along with CEWF, Haliburton County & North Kawartha.


Aggregate Royalities

Prior to 2018 under the former Aggregate Resources Act (ARA)
Trent Lakes royalties from aggregate was:
6 cents/per Tonne – Private Land Quarries ONLY

As of JAN 1st, 2018 (Year 1) under the NEW amended ARA O.Reg 244/97
Trent Lakes royalties from aggregate are:
12 cents/per Tonne – for Private Land & Crown Land Quarries

JAN 1st, 2019 (Year 2) Further increases anticipated

As of JAN 1st 2020 (Year 3) fees & royalties will be indexed as follows:
• Indexing will be to the Ontario Consumer Price Index (all items, averaged over a 12-month period ending September 30 of the previous calendar year)
• The indexed amount will be rounded to one tenth of a cent
• Rates would not be indexed downward.

The Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (OSSGA) acknowledge and have been willing to pay more in aggregate levy. (see attached PDF document)

Regulation 244/97 (ARA) regarding Aggregate Fees & Royalties

Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry

ROMA(AMO) Delegation FEB 2017

ROMA(AMO) Delegation JAN 2018

The Aggregate Resources Corporation (TOARC)

OSSGA indicate following information:
For 1 km of a four lane highway it takes 1,760 truckloads of Aggregate

For a 32,000 metres square hospital it takes 3,760 truckloads of Aggregate

For 1km of subway line it takes 4,560 truckloads of Aggregate

Every Ontarian uses 14,000 TONNES of Stone, Sand & Gravel each year

In the Municipality of Trent Lakes, we have a total of 36 active quarries with at least two (2) quarry applications pending for private land and an unknown number of applications pending for Crown land. Half of the existing quarries are located on private lands and the other half are located on crown lands.

Trent lakes is comprised of 820 square kilometres with a large portion of the centre of our municipality being Crown land and a portion of this being Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Provincial Park. Geographically we are located in the north-west corner of Peterborough County and are immediately adjacent to both the County of Haliburton and the City of Kawartha Lakes. The City of Kawartha Lakes is a member of the Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario, (TAPMO).

In Trent Lakes the average cost to reconstruct one (1) kilometer of road complete with an asphalt surface is approximately $135,000. This does not include any bridge or culvert repairs which increases the overall cost astronomically.

Trucks from quarries in Trent Lakes either go east through Buckhorn into Selwyn and connect to the 115 highway on route to the GTA, else they go West through Bobcaygeon along Highway# 36 to provincial highway #7 or #35 on route to the GTA. The volume of trucks vary in frequency season to season.

Over the years many councils have attended the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and made delegations with the Minister(s) of Natural Resources & Forestry and lobbied for increases in Aggregate royalties without success. Trent Lakes has been advocating for 50cents per Tonne minimum. Change came with the updated Aggregate Resources Act, on attendance to AMO in 2017 council was advised of pending increases coming effective January 1st,2018.

Our New Council will continue to lobby to ensure increases come as projected. Holding joint meetings with City of Kawartha Lakes & Selwyn Township will also be beneficial and as appropriate lobbying together as one voice with the Ministry.