•  To Serve our Municipality on your behalf in a Respectful, Responsive and Responsible manner

  •  To Continue the Positive Momentum and to move us on a forward path

  •  To build on our Relationships and Explore Opportunities & mutually beneficial Partnerships

  •  To Promote our Municipality as a Safe & Caring Community for families to Live, Work & Play

  •  Support & Promote Environmental Stewardship

  •  Support and Promote sustainable economic development, local employment & tourism

  •  Support Youth, Community Care, Community Centres, Libraries, Medical Centre(s) and Foodbank

Opportunities to Explore with the support of the

  • Partnership with Selwyn Township & Curve Lake – Bus Service
    Five year grant $1.4million (Selwyn, Curve Lake First Nation, City of Peterborough, Community Care)

  • Stream Council meetings online & archive to provide accessibility, accountability, transparency and convenience for all

  • Hold Townhall meetings and consider creation of Annual Newsletter, in effort to continuously improve communications with ratepayers

  • Task our Waste Management Advisory Committee for an Equitable solution for Seasonal ratepayers re: garbage card allowance – within compliance of waste bylaws.

  • Expansion opportunities of the Community Improvement Program across Trent Lakes